A Perfect Prelude to Thanksgiving Day

Wonder…is a powerful state of mind…an attitude too quickly lost along with childhood but nature has a way of drawing us back to that “holy” state of wonder. I recently took a second grade classroom outside in search of rocks before having to write about their experience in Spanish for an “immersion class” assignment.

There, in an open field, Alex wound up with a whole pocketful of rocks in just minutes. “Look how many I found” he said as he jiggled his pockets for me to see. That’s when I noticed Dylan, Jacob and others darting off into the distance. They were on a “quest” in search of “the biggest rock ever” they said. Meanwhile, right outside of the school building was a small cluster of girls combing through the dirt in search of pretty ones. They were hoping to add to Kyia’s collection; for Kyia brought her private collection of rocks to school that morning in a jewelry box drawer for everyone to see. Kyia has been a rock collector from “way back”.

It wasn’t long before we heard a small group calling out to us; Come look at what we found; we joined them and marveled at the glistening white frost and ice formations on the red dirt that surrounded some kind of manhole there on the playground.

About that time the little band of boys and girls in search of “the biggest rock ever” headed back toward us. It took four hands to carry it and they tired quickly from the sheer weight of it, but taking turns they at last arrived and proudly showed it to everyone. All agreed “it was a BIG rock”!!

That state of wonder is a gift too often buried beneath the weight of adulthood responsibilities but it is in that state of wonder that we have eyes to see and ears to hear; what is right in front of our faces; the beauty and gift that is ours. Like a child, we can be thankful for the simple things; for the gift of life, nature and someone with which to share it.
“Look what I found”
“Come and see”
“You’re not gonna believe this”
“Awe” filled the air that morning and it made my heart glad and I was grateful.
It was a perfect prelude to Thanksgiving Day.

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