Happy Joy Filled Holy Year!

The holidays came and went in a flurry but it was absolutely wonderful to reconnect with far away friends and to host the family for the holidays.  It really IS the most wonderful time of the year but it can also be the most desperate and stressful time as well.  I rediscovered that If we aren’t careful our “hallmark expectations” can blind us to the real beauty of simply sharing life with each other.

I’m grateful that the “New Year” celebration follows Christmas holiday because it nudges us into a forward thinking mode.  What are you hoping for this year and how do you plan to get there?  What will you bring to the bigger picture of life to those around you?   Will you reach out more to those who are hurting or give more to those in need?  Will you push yourself to “be” more and “do” more this year to let the light of Christ emanate more fully through you?  

As we look back upon 2015 may we see that life is beautiful and that God is good.  For even in the darkest and most troubling times flowers really DO bloom  in the desert  as we open ourselves to the One GOD who comes to save us again and again.  We are treasures, all of us; handmade by the almighty!!  God’s greatest pleasure resides in our acceptance of the reality that God is FOR us and will guide us into a real and lasting joy;  sheer joy and gratitude for the gift of life with all it’s open-ended possibilities for sharing and shaping the world in such a way that Christ will not be ashamed of us when he returns and finds us working to establish life, love, food, shelter and meaningful existence for all the peoples of the earth and that we are being good stewards of the resources we have collectively been given.  

My New Year prayer for everyone is that God will come to us in a new way and open us up to the love of God and that we might recognize the power that is ours in Christ to save and to heal, to be light and life, love, peace and reconciliation wherever and whenever we choose to let it be so. That we might ever and always honor the light of Christ within us and let it radiate and fill the earth.  That in the pain and  joy of living we may all find Him who brings life, love, joy, peace and hope to us all.  May it be so.  Amen

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