Our Mission


As members of the Body of Christ, we provide a safe haven for all of God’s creation – human, animal and earth – loving each as Christ loved us.


With guidance from the Holy Spirit, human beings will be accepted without judgment, respected without wavering, and loved without reservation; animals will be treated with kindness, protected from injury, and loved without hesitation; environments of air, land and sea which sustain us will be regarded with care, sheltered from damage and loved without indecision.

Values and Beliefs

  • Forgiveness: Because God is always merciful, we operate from a fundamental attitude of forgiveness of ourselves and toward each other.
  • Transparency: Because God has no hidden agenda, we honor God by always being respectfully genuine and candid with each other.
  • Diversity: Because God embraces the talents, abilities and contributions of all people, we welcome and nurture the varied aptitudes, interests and skills of each other.
  • Compassion: Because God accepts us with understanding and grace, we continually show the same consideration and empathy to each other.
  • Integrity: Because God is always honorable in all things, we will be consistently honest, truthful and reliable with each other.
  • Respect:  Because God honors our human dignity, we will value the worth of all who are created in the image of God.
  • Have your back: Because God unfailingly watches over us in every situation, we will faithfully respond to each other’s needs as we are able.