What Do you Do with 900 Styrofoam Cups

Today I struggle with the question on how to best destroy, get rid of, give away or use the nearly full box of 1000 styrofoam cups purchased at a nearby wholesale shop at a bargain price.

Price so often dictates the purchases we make. Greg and I (with the best of intentions and keeping in mind our seedling church’s practically non-existent church budget) purchased 1000 styrofoam cups for Sunday morning coffee at a bargain price.

Every Church I served in the years past used styrofoam cups without even knowing the problem we were creating. BUT NOW WE KNOW and that makes all the difference.

That bargain price comes at the cost of harming our environment so it is NOT a bargain at all. We all pay the price of styrofoam’s long-term, detrimental effects upon the earth.

We at Seeds of Grace will not be using these cups.
We will either use paper or bring our own coffee mugs from home.

Who would have thought that the Christian way of life would impact even the purchase of coffee cups; create such a storm in the life of a seedling church in formation?

For all of us who inhabit the earth? I’m open to suggestions. Meanwhile, the box of cups sit there on our back porch awaiting their fate. Walking the walk.

Pastor Marla

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